Sustainability principles...

Sustainability principles are at the forefront of ASB North Wharf's design making the building one of New Zealand's most innovative commercial buildings in its use of natural ventiliation and lighting.

ASB North Wharf incorporates many eco-friendly features designed to further reduce overall emissions in the furture. The rainwater harvesting system will cater for around 25% of the building's water requirements, around 80% of waste will be diverted to recycling, improved video-conferencing facilities will see less ASB staff travel, and energy use and paper consumption is forecasted to reduce dramatically.


Opening windows...

Auckland's mild climate experiences average daily temperatures between 15°C in winter and 24°C in summer. The relative humidity is generally high throughout the year, however the absolute moisture content is relatively low due to the mild temperatures. 

The attributes of the Auckland climate implies that it is well suited to a natural ventilation approach, where opening windows can be utilised for a significant portion of the year which aims to:

  • increase the productivity of building occupants due to real and/or perceived improvements in the indoor environmental quality and indoor air quality. 
  • reduce building energy use and thereby also reduce the environmental impact caused by power generation
  • reduce operating costs by decreasing the power used to mechanically ventilate and cool.