About the Building

Innovative office space and striking architecture...

The ASB North Wharf site is made up of two unique architectural buildings, linked above the public laneway by bridges open to public view.  The building straddles these two sites. Generous new public spaces integrate the building within the wider urban context, ensuring the ASB North Wharf site forms part of a network of high quality, pedestrian oriented public spaces.

ASB North Wharf is a campus-style, six-storey high office building with a large 3,900 sqm office floor plate oriented to the north. North sun, harbour views and public amenities all combine on this northern side of the site.

As the precinct's first new multi-storey building set back from the water, ASB North Wharf provides a substantial landmark between Wynyard Quarter and the sea. Its design is intended to pay respect to the significance of the building's spectacular location as well as capitalise on the resources this location offers - not just views, developing urban and cultural amenities, proximity to the city and landmark prominence, but also the benefits represented by the temperate local climate and north-facing orientation. The orientation represents significant opportunities for harvesting of renewable energy. The natural resources of light and warmth provided by uninterrupted north aspect and the cooling on and off-shore breezes that characterise Auckland's temperate weather conditions year-round are harnessed in the design of ASB North Wharf to provide a climatically responsive building, built with the needs of users and the creation of a sustainable future for Auckland in mind.


The 'skin' of the building...

The design of the ‘skin' of the building - the treatment and porosity of its north, south, east and west elevations is integral to creating an energy efficient building that performs in harmony with the local climate: The majority of the north façade is glazed to allow expansive views to the harbour and since it is exposed to northern sunlight, it is protected by solar shading screens. The east façade was studied and optimised to perform without external solar shading; the south façade is provided with good daylight quality with diffuse sunlight since it will experience no direct sunlight exposure and the west façade has been designed as a solid wall to ensure protection against harsh afternoon solar radiation.

Key facts...

Building grade A-grade
Date completed May-13
Net lettable area [sqm] 21,625
Typical floorplate [sqm] 4,000
Carparks [no.] 97